For the national rail network’s traditional and high-speed tracks, siding terminals and port rail facilities, ETF deploys its talents in the design, manufacture, maintenance and complete renewal of rail elements. All of its track-related missions serve the durability of transport systems, and guarantee an optimised level of service for our customers’ service users.

ETF also performs maintenance and refurbs of urban transport networks (metros and trams), for which the first major refurbishment operations have begun in France.

Organisation planning, track laying with ballast or concrete, laying roller tracks, laying or replacing points and crossings, renewing rails, sleepers and ballast, ETF masters all processes guaranteeing the quality of rail tracks for enhanced network performance.

National rail networks

ETF performs construction and maintenance work on national lines, including high-speed lines.


Recognised for its high performance, innovative technologies, its expertise is applied to various areas: track and ballast renewal, national railway line maintenance, laying and refurbishment of high-speed lines, trackbed cleaning, ballast reprocessing, civil engineering, rail signalling, and aluminothermic and electrical welding.

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National rail network (NRN) references:


ETF is involved in the national Vigirail project, designed to satisfy SNCF Réseau’s strategic priority: the renewal of rail crossings and points and better maintenance of the rail network to improve safety and frequency.

Zone Dense

ETF modernises rail infrastructure. TEVO engineering trains (ballast clearing and substitution trains, sleeper tampers and dynamic stabilisers) bring major innovations to get around working constraints in the congested (operating time, length of engineering trains, re-establishing 80 kph lines, platform areas, etc.)


The high-speed Southern-Europe-Atlantic line is ground-breaking, titanic and exemplary. VINCI, Eurovia et ETF carried off the challenge with gusto, allowing the 340 kph line linking up Paris de Bordeaux in 2 hours to enter service within 5 years.

Urban transport

Since 1898, ETF has been a key player in developing urban transport in France and abroad. Its numerous references in metal and rubber-wheel systems have made it a recognised leader in the rail industry.

Having been part of the very first Parisian metro line project, ETF is now involved in developing metro systems throughout the world. The company is contributing to the refurbishment and extension of trams dating back to the 1980s, and has laid more than 550 km of track in France. ETF provides maintenance for urban tracks, extending the service life of infrastructure through preventative and curative maintenance.

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Urban Transport References:

RATP Maintenance. ETF is a long-term partner to the RATP. The company maintains infrastructure, modernises operating systems and equipment during short 3-hour night shifts to avoid disrupting traffic and improve the passenger experience.

Line 11 of the Paris Metro. ETF will be making its contribution to linking up the inhabitants of the east side of Paris to the capital. This line extension, a territorial project par excellence includes 1km of tunnel track, 1km of viaduct and 1.3km on ballast.

The Strasbourg Tram System. To link up Strasbourg to its German neighbour Kehl via the Line D extension, ETF has laid 4km of new track, 3 switches, 4 expansion joints and an ultra-thin bed suspension bridge over the Rhine.

Maintenance of the Nantes Tram System. ETF was chosen for 4.5km of track renewal at the heart of the conurbation of Nantes. The particular restrictions surrounding hyper-centre works require flawless timing and pinpoint precision to interface with road traffic.

Siding terminals

ETF lays and maintains industrial and private tracks as well as building multi-modal stations. ITE’s activity is regionally structured, providing optimal coverage throughout France. Its teams can intervene at very short notice on new project designs, creation of cableways, existing network reconfiguration, laying and maintenance of ballast and concrete track, laying and maintenance of ground and raised track and funicular systems.

ITE’s activities combine competencies in multiple industrial sectors for a range of customers, including municipal councils and local authorities.


The maritime port of Marseille. After a major project in 2016 involving 7km of track renewal featuring sleeper tampering, ETF continues a partnership that began with RFF’s retrocession of port authority tracks from the port of Marseilles to Fos-sur-Mer. Track elements (ballast, rail and sleepers) were completely replaced over a 900m stretch.

Arcelormittal. For many years, ETF has maintained the private rail network of the metallurgy giant on its Florange, Dunkirk and Fos-sur-Mer sites. Each site employs 10-30 ETF workers according to workload, to maintain track, signalling and crossings and switches 24 hours per day, to ensure production flows out of the Arcelormittal sites.