From trams to high speed systems, ETF Caténaires et Énergie performs all types of electrification works, ranging from construction of overhead contact line networks to maintenance and refurbishment via electrical protection of worksites.

The company’s engineering office is fully equipped to design, study and create the plans needed for the worksite teams to build and reconfigure electrically-driven lines.

ETF Caténaires et Énergie is also present in urban transport for overhead contact lines and power supply including heavy current. In these projects, it is responsible for all elements: design studies, supply, completion, testing and commissioning.


Support base at Brétigny

For the upgrade works on the support base for the rapid track laying operations in the “Dense Zones” of Brétigny-sur-Orge for SNCF Réseau, ETF performed, amongst other things, the overhead contact line works. On a project that can only be described as a race against the clock, 10km of overhead contact lines were removed and 1km installed over a period of 3 months. On top of that, posts, fulcrums, flexible cross-span suspensions, power units and section insulators were removed and installed.

ATM refurbishment

For the Paris Rive Gauche urban planning project, ETF teams did an overhead contact line rework to protect tracks from Austerlitz to Paris’ inner ring in preparation for new shops, offices and housing.

Nice tram system

This maintenance centre project for the East-West line was completed in coordination with the Grands Projets de Transports Urbains agency for the tracks and EUROVIA for the platform. Works began in October 2017 and were completed in mid-March 2018, before the commissioning test phase. The conditional tranche of the contract will be firmed up for another overhead contact line project due to begin in July 2018.