ETF is the rail arm of Eurovia, a VINCI Group transport infrastructure cluster.

As a territorial partner, Eurovia is a key player in mobility solutions in France and abroad, via the design, construction and maintenance of transport infrastructures and urban planning projects.

In its new corporate project, UNIVERS 2022, ETF clearly states its case. The project was co-built with all the company’s stakeholders, in particular 90 managers who completed an inventory and a 360° analysis of ETF to come to a shared vision. This shared vision was born of a shared ambition: to become the partner of reference serving rail mobility.

International, Client, Marketing, Model Management et Ressources Humaines, c’est ainsi tout ETF qui s’engage dans ce projet stratégique autour de 6 valeurs qui guident l’ensemble de nos actions.

The men and women of ETF have committed to 6 values shared by all Eurovia entities.

satisfaction clientCUSTOMER SATISFACTION

Satisfying our customers and those using our structures.

Customer satisfaction is the key to our success and guides everything we do. We measure this satisfaction beyond our direct customers, taking into account our customers’ customers, local populations and all other stakeholders involved in transport infrastructure that have entrusted us with projects.

esprit d'équipe Eurovia ETFTEAM SPIRIT

Working together to perform better.

All our worksites and projects are collective successes. In our professions, it is not possible to work alone. A project involves a track team that needs the safety team that needs the overhead contact line team, etc. Without the team, nothing is possible.


Committing daily to our employees’ health and safety.

ETF has committed to a responsible approach in terms of risk prevention for the health and safety of its employees, but also that of those living around its worksites. A fully successful worksite is one without accidents. Our ambition is to be exemplary in this respect. To achieve this, our risk prevention culture, teamwork, and rigorous working methods are everyone’s responsibility. It involves a permanent effort that helps us continually progress together.

innovation eurovia ETFINNOVATION

Off the beaten track

Finding a made-to-measure solution for everyone The research centres we share with Eurovia and VINCI allow us to propose the very best solutions. Each year, patents are filed as we imagine the tools and infrastructures of the future. Eurovia was one of the first to digitalise its working methods by distributing tablets throughout the world from 2003 onwards. Eurovia more or less invented the connected worksite. And we naturally followed their lead in worksite digitalisation in 2009 when we joined the Group. The spirit of innovation must be present throughout and make us the most innovative actors in our field.

performance responsableRESPONSIBLE PERFORMANCE

Succeeding, respecting a social and environmental balance.

ETF’s responsibility underpins its increasing commitment to our society: Responsibility on different levels: Economic: the impact of our activities on the local eco-system, particularly in countries where the networks are compact. Our worksites are a source of employment, integration and local training. Environmental: impact of our energy consumption and use of natural resources. Ethical: our proximity to public authorities includes a heightened level of ethical awareness.

esprit d'entrepreneurENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT

Choosing to excel to win new contracts.

ETF expresses its entrepreneurial spirit in multi-year construction and maintenance contracts for urban transport networks (metros and trams), as well as in the creation of track networks on national rail networks (renewal or doubling of tracks, electrification of lines, rail grinding, etc.). For ETF, the entrepreneurial spirit also means being able to listen to the needs and issues faced by customers so that we are systematically a source of solutions as they externalise skills.

Because ETF respects its partners, as well as the men and women behind its successes, the company is fully committed to VINCI manifesto.